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Auto Loan Rate Deal of the Day: Affinity Federal Credit Union at 1.99% APR

Car shopping should never have to be about compromise, when low auto loan rates are only available for a person’s second or third choice car. But when dealing with a financial institution invested in its members, like the Affinity Federal Credit Union, who promises “No matter what car you buy, we have the perfect auto loan,” the best interest rate can be had on any vehicle. The Basking Ridge, NJ credit union offers a 1.99% APR for new and used loans up to 48 months.

Auto Loan Terms and Conditions

Affinity Federal Credit Union’s lowest available rate, 48-month terms are flexible, perfect for starting a payment plan on a new car, or refinancing a prior loan on a used vehicle, as well. The annual percentage rate also applies for members who purchase a vehicle through the Auto Resource Center of Hunterdon, and includes a built-in 0.25% reduction for credit union members who sign up for monthly automatic loan payments through Affinity Federal Credit Union.

About Affinity Federal Credit Union

Formed in 1935, just one year after President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act, Affinity Federal Credit Union was originally the W.E. Headquarters Federal Credit Union, and later, the GHQ Federal Credit Union and AT&T FCU. With each decade marked by significant financial growth, in the mid 1990s, the credit union adopted the Affinity name, and is now the largest financial nonprofit in New Jersey, with assets in excess of $2 billion.

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