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Deal of the Day: Aspire Federal Credit Union CD Rates at 1.00% APY

aspire federal credit union

Saving up money for a specific goal, big or small, is something to aspire to — so much so that Aspire Federal Credit Union in Clark, N.J., named itself after this notion of achieving wealth through financial discipline. The credit union helps its members achieve this goal with a variety of savings and deposit products, including a 24-month CD rate of 1.00% APY.

Aspire Federal Credit Union CD Rates: Terms and Conditions

After a minimum deposit of $500, Aspire Federal Credit Union CD rates go into effect, with a 1.00% APY on this two-year share certificate locked in for the life of the deposit. Penalties are imposed for early withdrawals.

All deposits with Aspire Federal Credit Union are federally insured by the NCUA.

About Aspire Federal Credit Union

Aspire Federal Credit Union, originally known as the FAA Eastern Region Federal Credit Union, was founded in 1948 to serve a small group of Civil Aeronautics Administration employees. In the 65 years since its inception, Aspire Federal Credit Union has gained more than 20,000 members and $175 million in total assets.

Lock into Aspire Federal Credit Union CD rates today.

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